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How to Catch Zygarde Legendary Pokemon

This is a guide to catching the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y. Zygarde is a Ground/Dragon type Pokemon, and is weakened quickly by Water and Ice type moves. 250px-718Zygarde_Dream

Where to catch Zygarde:

  • Zygarde is located in Terminus Cave on Route 18, just north of Couriway Town.

What you need to catch Zygarde:

  • Plenty of Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, and Quick Balls (if you’re feeling lucky)
  • Water and Ice Pokemon
  • Flying and Fairy Pokemon
  • A Pokemon that knows False Swipe

Tips for battling Zygarde:

  • Save your game before engaging Zygarde. This way, you can restart your game and try again if you kill him.
  • Being as Zygarde is a Ground and Dragon type Pokemon, Ice moves and Water moves do incredible amounts of damage and can take big chunks out of Zygarde’s health. Be careful about Ice Beam, because it is super effective and often times will kill Zygarde in one hit. Surf is a good Water move to inflict heavy amounts of damage without killing Zygarde.
  • Zygarde’s four moves are Earthquake, Camouflage, Dragon Pulse, and Crunch, so bring Pokemon that are resistant to these moves. Flying Pokemon are especially good because they aren’t affected by Earthquake at all, which is Zygarde’s heaviest hitting move. Also, Fairy Pokemon are completely resistant to Dragon-type moves, so having a Fairy Pokemon that is resistant to Dragon Pulse (another damage-heavy attack) is very useful.
  • Try to stack status effects on Zygarde that are limiting yet do not deal damage.
  • Use a Pokemon that knows False Swipe to push Zygarde down to 1 HP. If you do not have a Pokemon with False Swipe, use attacks that will not hurt Zygarde too much to kill him.

Tips for catching Zygarde:

  • When Zygarde is at low health (orange or red) start to throw balls at him. Ultra Balls are the best for their consistency, and Dusk Balls are also good because there is a 3.5x multiplier since the battle is in a cave. If the battle drags on for an extended amount of time, Timer Balls are effective because they can give you up to a 4x multiplier depending on how long the battle has gone on for.
  • If you are feeling lucky, try throwing a Quick Ball at Zygarde on the first move. Legendary Pokemon are known to be easier to catch in Pokemon X and Y, and there have been instances where this method has worked.

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