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Guide to Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y

In Pokemon X & Y, there are two significantly easier ways to acquire Shiny Pokemon than through random encounters. This guide will explain the how-to’s to both methods.

1) Link to Matsuda Method (Through Breeding)

2) Link to Chaining Method (Using PokeRadar to find Wild Pokemon)

If you are new…

What is a Shiny Pokemon? Is my Pokemon Shiny?

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with slight alternations in color. Some Shiny Pokemon look very different in color from their normal counterparts. Others may be easily overlooked because they look so similar. Any Pokemon can be Shiny! See below for an example of a Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Ampharos.


Normal vs Shiny Pikachu

Normal vs Shiny Ampharos

Normal vs Shiny Ampharos

In addition to the differences in the Pokemon sprites, there are a couple other ways to tell if a Pokemon is Shiny. When encountered or released into battle, Shiny Pokemon have a sparkling sound effect and animation. They also have a red star below their name on their detail page:

Shiny Naga

The red star right below Naga indicates that this Pokemon is Shiny

Tricks to Catching a Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare. The chance of encountering one is only 1 in every 8192, or 0.0122%. However, there are two ways to improve your chances of catching one!


The Matsuda Method was originally introduced in Pokemon Diamond and improved further in Pokemon XY.  To get a specific Shiny Pokemon, all you need to start is a  male and female of this Pokemon from two different regions. For example, to breed a shiny Eevee, I can use a male Eevee from the USA and a female Eevee from Switzerland. The resulting eggs will be 6x as likely to be Shiny, or a 1 in 1,365 chance. The odds are still low, but this method is much, much better and more specific than trying to encounter a Shiny in the wild. By breeding, you are also more likely to hatch a Shiny Pokemon with the right nature and high stats (IV’s). (Unfortunately, Shiny Pokemon do not have better odds of producing Shiny babies themselves.)

The Matsuda Method is why Wonder Trading on X & Y is so useful. You can pick up Pokemon from all over the world of different genders and useful for breeding.  If you are lucky, you might get a foreign Ditto! Click here for the Wonder Trading Guide.

matsuda method

A Ditto caught in another country can help you breed Shiny Pokemon of any species!


Chaining is a trick to encounter the same Pokemon multiple times in a row in the same patch of grass. Chaining a Pokemon will increase the chances of finding “shiny” patches of grass, which will reveal Shiny Pokemon. Chaining is more complicated than the Matsuda Method, but if you become good at it, it can be a much more consistent way to find Shinies. You may need to practice to get good at chaining the same Pokemon over and over. Building a chain of 40 pokemon will drastically increase your chances of finding a Shiny to 1/200! 

What You Will Need

  • PokeRadar.  In X and Y this is acquired after defeating the Elite 4. Go to 2F in Sycamore’s Laboratory and the scientist there will give the item to you.
  • Super Repels or Max Repels.  Stock up on these as you will need to build a chain of 40 Pokemon. This can take a while!
  • Pokeballs.   Make sure you have plenty on hand to catch that Shiny once you see it!
  • Ether, Elixirs Leppa Berries.   These items restore PP. You’ll need them to make sure you don’t run out of moves for False Swipe, Hypnosis or other essential moves for catching Pokemon!
  • Optional: If you want a Pokemon of a specific nature, bring a Pokemon (like Ralts) with the nature you prefer and put it as the first in your party. It can be fainted if you do not want to use this Pokemon to fight.

The Basics to Chaining

  1. Find a patch of grass that is at least 9×9 with no gaps between the grass.  It may be harder to build a long chain with a smaller patch of grass.
  2. Use your D-Pad ONLY. Using your skates or a bicycle will break your chain!
  3. Use your Max Repel and walk into the center of the field.
  4. Use your PokeRader and walk into the grass that is shaking. If it is NOT the Pokemon you are searching for, walk 50 steps to reset the PokeRadar and try again.
  5. Once you have encountered the Pokemon you want, you must defeat or catch it.
  6. Continue to find and defeat or catch this Pokemon by looking for other grass that shakes in exactly the same way. For example, take note if the grass shakes gently or vigorously and whether the sound is soft or loud. You may want to start your chain with the loud, fast shaking type as it will be easier to find it each time.
  7. Once you reach a chain of 40 Pokemon, simply reset your PokeRadar (50 steps for each reset) until you find a Shiny patch of grass. You’ll be able to tell by the way it glows and a sound when it appears.

Tips to Avoid Resetting your Chain

When chaining, it can be very easy to accidentally break your chain and lose your hard work. Below are some tips to keep your chain going!

  • DO NOT go into shaking grass that is adjacent to another shaking grass
  • ONLY go into shaking grass that is at least 4 steps away from you either horizontally or vertically.
  • DO NOT bring any eggs with you. If they start hatching, your chain may break.
  • DO NOT turn off your DS. This will break your chain. If you need to take a break, you can close the screen, but do not close the game.
  • DO NOT reset your PokeRadar on the edge of a field. This will break your chain. To be safe, you may want to avoid walking on the edges of your field altogether.

That’s it! Good luck on your Shiny Pokemon hunting! See below for what it looks like to find a Shiny Patch after achieving a chain of 40.

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